Ceremonial is a ritual and tarot shop nestled in the Point Breeze Neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA

Star, Snake, Crescent Moon

Shop Hours
Wednesday - Saturday 12-6
Sunday 12-4

Ceremonial - 6739 Reynolds Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Located in Point Breeze


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When you visit Ceremonial you will be met with warmth, community, joy, and solace. 

Ceremonial was opened in March 2016 with the mission to become part of the collective consciousness - part of a community of seekers. 

Ceremonial is the place for you if you are looking for ethically sourced crystals, smoke cleansing bundles, tarot & oracle decks, candles, altar tools, incense and so much more. Owner and creator Leslie sources the highest quality goods with the best intention while taking pride in being the home to many other small businesses and local creators. If you ever pop into the shop, ask us about the products - we promise you we have a story, a use, or excitement to share about them.

Ceremonial Moon Studio Eye

Aside from the ritual items and goods that you can find in the shop & online, Ceremonial also offers circles, workshops, classes, readings from local readers, and free community gatherings. Fluxing between two spaces, the Ceremonial Moon Studio, which is located across the street on the second floor where Commonplace Coffee once was, is the home to many of our workshops, classes, and gatherings.

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Ceremonial is ever changing, with new surprises around every corner.