“I’m so grateful for you and and your wise guidance, which came at a major crossroads in my life. You sparked a change in me, lighting up a deeply hidden part of myself and setting me on a truly magical path of meaningful self-discovery. Thank you Leslie! I’m forever humbled and grateful.”

- Allison Smith


“Leslie sparkled and illuminated the dull lights in my life and warmly sent me immense strength through her reading. I was broken and vulnerable at the time. I was new to tarot, but since her reading, I have firmly believed in tarot as a necessary oracle and guide in my every day life. I took strong notes during the reading that I look back on today with tears in my eyes. I am happy to say that I am now healthy and able as the reading had displayed for me to be true. If you ever need insight, open yourself up and give her readings the opportunity to serve as a guide.”

- Courtney Plumley


"Leslie read for me at the beginning of this year, and I instantly felt at ease. She has the profound gift of translation, taking what I was asking, the context I gave, and my energy, and translating it into a multi-faceted reading. Being with Leslie as she works makes it clear that she is fully dropped in, and that her connection to her tools and her guides is deep. I refer back to that reading often, and it gains meaning and resonance for me as more time passes as all great readings do. I'm lucky to have worked with Leslie!”

- Katy Peplin


“Leslie's reading for me was perfect. I have kept her words in consideration since our reading and I feel like she was able to illuminate a path for me that I wasn't able to see on my own. It was an invaluable experience and I have recommended her to friends and I will definitely be back.”

- Elise Clark 


“My very first reading ever was with Leslie. I'm not one who necessarily believes Tarot will detail my fate, but I had never experienced a reading before and so I was curious. Leslie was so welcoming and immediately put me completely at ease. I had just embarked on a return to a creative project and had a mind full of self-doubt and apprehension. Not knowing anything about me, Leslie told me exactly what I needed to hear right at that moment. I put my negative feelings aside and moved forward with my project refreshed and invigorated. It was with an open mind that I was able to clearly see my path through that reading. I am ever thankful to Leslie for that motivation.”

- Terra McBride


“I have gotten two tarot card readings from Leslie - both were 45 minute readings - and she is by far my favorite reader. One of my readings was in person and one was on the phone and I have to say even though I was getting my reading on the phone, I still felt all of the same amazing energy she provided during our first in-person reading. Leslie not only lets the cards guide her reading, but she strays away from offering her own personal opinion and thoughts into the process unlike other readings I have had. She lets the cards do their job! As someone who studies tarot myself, I learned so much about the cards and their meanings in addition to learning about myself. I highly recommend Leslie to those residing and not residing in Pittsburgh. Also, her store - Ceremonial - is one of my favorite places to visit in the Burgh!”

- Kaitlin Manion


“Leslie continues to be a bright guiding light for me. I owe a lot of my spiritual awakening to her. If she wasn't in my life, I am not sure I ever could have opened myself up! When I saw she started offering these Spell Sessions, I was so excited. While I do a lot of research on my own, Leslie continues to be a wealth of knowledge for me, she knows so much from first hand experience. To be able to chat with her one-on-one about all things witchy, specifically about my own personal journey is so worthwhile. I highly recommend this session to anyone who could use some witchy wisdom in their lives, some help finding next steps, and a confidant to share your experiences with who won't make you feel silly. I truly cannot recommend her enough.”

- Mandy Holesh