You have a new friend, congrats! It's important to think of this new relationship as just that, so take the time to get to know your new stone.

Carnelian and serpentine double terminated points

Once home, bond with your stone. Cleanse it. Program it by setting an intention for purpose.  For example, if you have quartz you may say: "Together we will work to heal my energetic field and raise my vibration.  In turn, I will keep you charged and cleansed." 

Cleansing Your Crystal:

  • Sacred smoke
  • Black tourmaline
  • Sunlight
  • Salt or running water (make sure water and salt are safe for your ally)
  • Pass your stone thru the flame of your ritual candle
  • Hold it to your heart and clear it with your gratitude
  • Bury it in the Earth for a few days or more

Charging Your Crystal:

  • Selenite
  • Full moon light
  • New moon void - black stones / protective allies
  • A clustered crystal
  • By setting an intention

Using Your Crystal:

However you chose to work with your new ally, take time and listen. Spend time holding it in meditation.  You can even hold it to your ear!  You never know what you might hear. 

Carry it with you every day, maybe even sleep with it at night.  You can use your friend in crystal girds and ritual baths too.

Just make sure, if you take it in the water, your stone can survive. Water is not safe for selenite, black tourmaline, blue kyanite and others, so do your research. 

Rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz and quartz crystal love the water. 
There are endless ways to use your new stone, like making elixirs and floor washes. They are very supportive when doing divination, in fact they love to support your intuition.
More to come on ways to work with your stones. Stay tuned and stay connected.


Thank you!

May the full moon bless you,
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