Grounding is the foundation of spiritual hygiene and the most essential act for self-care.  Keeping ourselves connected to Mother Earth on a daily basis is the way to stay centered, grounded, and focused.  You can be as detailed as you wish.  You can take as long as you like, and you can create stunning & creative imagery.  By doing this practice every day, even for one minute, will greatly improve your levels of anxiety and irritability. 

It keeps you here.  It opens you up to the NOW.
You may choose to hold a grounding stone like a river rock, a hag stone, black tourmaline, red jasper, or smoky quartz.
Hold the image of the snake as a guide to stay close to the Earth. Our magical snake reminds us to stay close to the ground and to know your surroundings. 



Creating a Daily Grounding Exercise

To Begin: 

Take three deep breaths. 
See a radiant light emanating from your heart space.  Allow that light to fully consume you before it retracts and begins to move down to the Earth. You may continue with this light as your anchor or see roots of a tree growing out of you and down into the ground.  You may pass thru the grass, bedrock and slate.  You may pass thru caverns seeing smoky quartz and black tourmaline encapsuling you in protection.
Let Mother Earth hold you to Her - gravity is her embrace.  Travel to Her core - the fiery epicenter full of energy.  Thank Her for this gift of connection, protection, and healing.  Begin to bring the light back to the heart space and radiate it out once again - like a beacon of light or a lighthouse in a storm. 
Take three deep breaths. 
Now, begin to travel to the stars. Maybe you grow antlers, or antennae, or your light thread continues with you here. 
Begin your ascent to the sky - past the clouds, into the stratosphere. Connect with the Moon or your favorite celestial body.  Thank the sky for this Divine wisdom that is pouring down thru your Crown chakra.  You are a vessel for knowledge, insight, and intuition. Thank this light and allow it to travel back to your heart space where it will radiate out for a last time. 

Take three deep breaths, bow your head in gratitude and when ready, open your eyes. 

You are here. Doesn't it look clearer? Don't you feel present? Connected? Informed? Safe, even?

Thank You!

May the full moon bless you,
Head Witch in Charge
Ceremonial - Pittsburgh, PA
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