A beneficial way to keep up with your spiritual hygiene is by taking a salted ritual bath.  The salt helps to ground and clear your energetic field and reset your auric system.  It releases negativity and unwanted emotional debris that can get stuck to us.  Drawing a cleansing ritual bath is easy, fun, and a relaxing way to reconnect to self and spirit.  Water is a conductor and a dwelling place of our beloved guides and protectors.  We can communicate to the other side while meditating in water.

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How to Create a Ritual Bath to Clear Energy

Here is a very basic bath with great impact.  No fussy ingredients, you can find them all at your local supermarket and many may already be in your pantry and fridge. 

You will need:

  • Two Cups Salt - Epsom, Pink Himalayan, Sea Salt or Kosher - no table salt
  • Two white candles - tapers, votives, tea lights, whatever is on hand
  • Bundle or two of fresh rosemary
  • A couple lemons or limes fresh and sliced
  • Chosen clearing ally like incense, mugwort, or sound 
  • Quartz crystal 
Step One: Physically clean your bathroom / bath tub
Step Two: Purify it with your cleansing smoke, sound or incense

Step Three: Bless is with your intention.  It may sound like:  "This water will cleanse my energetic field and align me wholly by removing all negativity, etc..."

*In any clearing ritual you will always act in threes - clean, purify, and bless*

Preparing your bath:

  • Add salt and allow to dissolve into the water
  • Add fresh sprigs of rosemary from your bundle
  • Add slices of citrus
  • Add your crystal - it loves the water - you may place it in your bath 
  • Place the two candles so you may pass thru them like a threshold
*A threshold is an entrance to a space, in this case, a divine, sacred one*
NOW - 
Soak for 20-30 minutes, you may play relaxing music if you like or simply listen. Hold the crystal to your heart while visualizing your energy field clearing. BREATHE. Fully submerge. Ask the water to take the negativity away.  In your mind see a force field of protection around you as you soak.  Once complete, leave the bath by stepping thru the threshold backwards.  This leaves the unwanted energy behind to be sent back to the Earth with thanks.  I usually say, as I pull the drain:

"Sweet water, take this energy and transmute it to light.  Send it back to the Earth to be nourished." 

Drip dry, do not towel off.  Record any messages you may have received from your unseen spirit team. 
Do this three times a week until you feel better.  Then as often as needed. 
You may wonder, what do I do with the rosemary and citrus?  You may offer it back to the Earth as a thank you.  I live near a river and make an offering there adding a touch of honey. 

Other Options

**If you do not have a bath, you can do a foot soak - your feet hold so much energy.  You may also put the ingredients into a pot, massaging them while reciting your intention, and then boiling your potion.  Allow the water to cool, strain it and step into your shower.  Pour the water over your head a few times (three is a magic number, nine is even more special) while visualizing all negativity washing down the drain**

Thank you!

May the full moon bless you,
Head Witch in Charge
Ceremonial - Pittsburgh, PA
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  • Thank You Leslie💫
    Sweet Water, indeed…this is a wonderful clearing ritual to cleanse energy. I also love having my crystals, herbal bundles, and so much more from your lovely shop here with me in Florida.

    Jamie Madison Boyd

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