Maybe you have a new home, or the energy just feels stagnant, no matter.  It's time to clean your space! 

Smoke cleansing

Items Needed for Smoke Clearing:

  • A lighter or candle - a constant flame
  • Fire safe bowl
  • Tea light candles for each room of your home
  • Your chosen bundle - don't blow on it - your energy creates static
  • An intention and a blessing for your space
  • Broom
  • Bells

How to Clear Energy with Smoke:

Shut all doors and windows to the outside like your front and back door.  Then, open all doors, drawers, cupboards, etc. on the inside of your home. Start in the back of your home and work towards the front - from top to bottom.  You will be walking in a counter clockwise direction. Work thru each room removing any negative or stuck energy.  You can use your energetic broom (yes, I like to have a broom just for clearing energetic debris) to get up in the corners.  You can clap in the corners too or ring a bell.  As you are working, you may now state your intention, it may sound something like this:
"All negative energy is gone now.  I transmute all fear/negativity to light.  The vibration is raised." 

Once completed, close drawers, cupboards on the inside and open all windows & doors to the outside ushering out all unwanted energy by directing out the doors with your broom saying: "Out! Out! Out!" 
Go back to each room and light a tea light candle and ask for blessings.  You may recite your intention for blessing: nourishment in the kitchen, rest in the bedroom, joy and connection in the living room, etc. You can get really creative here. 
Walk clockwise in these spaces and invite in all joy, love and positivity. You can do anything that brings joy, really; you can cook, laugh, dance, knit, or play with your familiar. 

If you have a familiar like a cat - allow your friend to get under chairs and in the small places you don't think to reach. Cats have a way of getting to those spaces to clear energy for us too. 
You may want to do a form of cleansing every week depending on the amount of energy you are working. You may also make a commitment to doing a major cleansing with the seasons. 


Thank you!

May the full moon bless you,
Head Witch in Charge
Ceremonial - Pittsburgh, PA
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