Protection is an essential part of our spiritual hygiene, and it is important to maintain on a daily basis. You can get to the point of being so connected in that you can almost snap your fingers and call in the protection.  Sometimes, you can think of it as zipping up your coat. 

Why Protection is Important

The importance of protection keeps your energetic field clear and clean of negative and unwanted energies like, jealousy, envy, ill will, otherwise known as the Evil Eye.  If you work beyond the veil, for example, as an energy healer, reader or psychic, your daily protection keeps negative entities or attachments at bay that can drain you.  It keeps the energy vampires away from sucking away your purest light. 

How to Create a Sphere of Protection

To Begin:

Call in your guides, protectors, healed ancestors and beloveds by simply asking them to be with you as you protect your energy. You may call in any animal spirit or insect spirit you are working with too.  We all work to protect each other.


"I surround myself in a sphere of protection 360 degrees around me above and below. All negative energies bounce off and are transmuted to light.  Only high vibrational energies for my best good may penetrate.  I now place a ring of quartz on this sphere to further protect my energy and anchor myself into the Earth.  By the powers of Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz I am protected.  I place a mirror ball of reflection onto this sphere to reflect negativity back to where it came from (this mirror allows the sender to take a closer look at themselves.  Why did they send ill will in the first place?).  Only the highest vibrational energies may penetrate for the benefit of my greatest good.  I stand grounded and fiercely protected.  I radiate love, compassion, understanding for the harmony & unity of us all."


Thank you!

May the full moon bless you,
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