Mercury Rx Seven Day Candle

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Ritual intention for dealing with the energies of Mercury Retrograde

These hand poured soy candles are crafted with custom colors, intentions, and premium in-house designed labels. Candles are dressed anointing oils, resins, and gemstones. Each candle will burn approximately 120 hours and will produce a mild, non-synthetic scent though the burn.

They work exceptionally well for candle magic and come prepped and primed for your working.

Retrograde - A white candle with artistically blended colors of black, yellow, and green, with the ritual intention of dealing with the energies of Mercury Retrograde. Retrograde brings so many obstacles for people so this was one that was created to help as a nervine, the opposition of this energy, Mercurial deficiencies, and communication.

The candle is an unscented soy wax, topped with a special blend of ground herbs and resins and aligned with the energy of charged tourmaline, jade, and citrine.

**sustainable, eco-conscious, vegan

About Ritual Candle Magic

Ritual candle magic is potent, accessible, and effective. By lighting a candle, you are combining the elements of Fire and Air, allowing for those energies to assist you in your workings. Always practice safety first and have your candles lit in well-ventilated spaces that are free of clutter and distractions. Learn more about candle magic with the Ceremonial Witch Tip candle color correspondence guide.