Pixie Oracle Deck

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A 40-card circular oracle deck created with a digital collage, featuring images of artworks and films by Mary Evans. The Pixie Oracle deck has blue glitter edges, a guidebook with descriptions, a holographic foil cover, and a keepsake box. 

Created in 2021 in Eugene Oregon.

About Spirit Speak

For the past decade I have been studying the practice of cartomancy. Tarot is the story of life told through a narrative of symbols in the form of 78 playing cards. In my experience, I have found that reading cards for others and myself provides a process of self-reflection and personal insight that can be helpful to imagine a positive future. Something unique happens between the reader and client in which time becomes suspended as the focus is singularly on addressing the issues at hand the client may be sitting with. I have wondered if what is most beneficial in these interactions is the act of intentional listening which is so rarely granted in our fast-moving world. In the production of my own divination tools, the healing that I offer is self-guided. I am not the one who performs the healing but rather I am offering an optional tool which when activated may aid in the spiritual and emotional comfort of the participant. Self-guided healing is not to be seen as an alternative to other healing modalities. My practices and the tools that I present are meant to function as an additional supplemental action that encourage self-reflection and reconnection with the self. My belief is that magic and miracle happens in the everyday.