Original Lunar Phase Calendar 2024

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Follow the phases of the moon all year

This lunar phase calendar is printed with vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled locally sourced paper made using renewable electricity and manufactured carbon neutral. The Original Lunar Phase Calendar has been an eco friendly moon calendar since 1991.

(It has been Leslie's favorite since 1998).

The dates used to chart the pattern for this design are accurate, based on Universal Time. The monthly primary phases of the moon are placed in the graphic based on dates obtained from the US Naval Observatory.

With The Original Lunar Phase calendar on your wall, you will always know when the full moon comes around. Charting the phases of the moon can be beneficial for gardeners, fishermen, and anyone who wishes to follow any cycle, be it physical or behavioral. Even the flow of finances can be seen in relationship to the lunar cycles.

The Original Lunar Phase- Tilton, NH