Entering Hecates Garden The Magick Medicine & Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft book by Cyndi Brannen

Entering Hecate’s Garden by Cyndi Brannen

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The Magick, Medicine & Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft

A guide to plant spirit ritual and witchcraft, with practical instruction on the use of botanicals especially associated with the beloved goddess Hekate and her daughters Circe and Medea.

Bringing pharmakeia (the practice of plant spirit witchcraft) into contemporary times, Entering Hekate’s Garden merges historical knowledge with modern techniques. In it, author Cyndi Brannen offers her extensive insight into Hekatean ritual and witchcraft and especially its application to the Green World. The book features detailed monographs dedicated to 39 plants ranging from the esoteric such as aconite, American mandrake, and damiana to the accessible including bay laurel, dandelion, fennel, garlic, juniper, and lavender.

This book blends traditional methods with the author's personal approach, emphasizing her understanding of plant spirits as allies in the witch’s journey. It includes a new taxonomy for interpreting plant energies, methods for creating new correspondences, the importance of layering, using botanicals in spells, rituals, altars, and more, as well as ways to develop meaningful relationships with the pharmakoi (master plant spirits). Poetry, petitions, and musings about pharmakeia are woven throughout.

Entering Hekate’s Garden takes readers deep into the mystical world of botanical witchery in a way no other book has before.

About Cyndi Brannen

Cyndi Brannen, PhD, teaches and writes from the crossroads of psychology, spirituality and the goddess, merging ancient wisdom with modern practices. Her work explores the journey through darkness to wholeness using the archetypes of the witch and Hekate. Her teaching focuses on personal healing through herbalism, rituals, meditations, and exploration of the deeper self. Her writing explores the archetype of the witch as a mechanism for healing from trauma, and as a font of personal sovereignty. She examines the many faces of the goddess, through mythology and personal experiences, as a reflection of the feminine principle, the anima, within. Added to her work is her years of professional experience in developing and evaluating self-directed programs based on modern psychological evidence.