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Ceremonial offers events with other talented readers, astrologers, numerologists and mediums.  We circle for new and full moon rituals, as well as, esoteric workshops to enliven the mind and spirit.  

Sign up for classes here or by going to SHOP - GATHERINGS 

Upcoming HAPPENINGS for April:

April 2nd 12-2pm Human Design 

April 2nd 3-5pm Demystify Sigil Making 

April 3rd 12-2pm Sex Basics

April 6th 6-8pm Pleasure & Desire

                                         April 9th 12-2pm City Witchery 

April 10th 12-2pm Hypnotherapy for Embodying Your Inner Witch 

April 13th 6-8pm Tarot Study with Krispy 

April 15th 6-8pm Full Moon Sound Healing & Meditation 

April 16th 12-2pm Herbal Folk Charms 

April 16th 3-5pm Ask A Hag LIVE (not recorded)

April 20th 6-8pm Intuitive Home Circle 

April 21st 6-8pm Friday Night Mediation 

April 23rd 12-2pm Goddess Archetypes

April 23rd 4-6pm Practical Magic - the class!

April 24th 12-2pm Personal Ritual Making 

April 24th 4-6pm Meet Your Spirit Guides

April 29th 6-8pm New Moon Circle 

April 30th 12-2pm Moon Magic 

April 30th 4-6pm Journaling Workshop 

Upcoming HAPPENINGS for May:

May 1st 12-2pm Witch*Crafts Beltane Edition 

 May 14th 12-4pm SIDEWALK SALE!