Black Ritual Chime Candle

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Protection, Absorbing, Banishing

The burning of a black candle is serious. Black absorbs light.; think of a black hole.  It will neutralize negativity.

Black Candle Suggestions

Use for: Protection, warding off jealousy, unblocking, unhexing, repelling illness, shadow work, banishing, and reversals.
Day of the Week: Saturday, or on a New Moon
Planet/Element: Saturn, Earth
Energy Center: Root/base
Crystals: Black tourmaline, Jet, Obsidian, Black Kyanite

•Caution: absorbs & destroys• 

Please use responsibly 

About Ritual Candle Magic

Ritual chime candles are commonly used in ritual, spell and intention work. Each chime candle has a 1-2 hour burn time and is commonly burned completely in one session.

Ritual candle magic is potent, accessible, and effective. By lighting a candle, you are combining the elements of Fire and Air, allowing for those energies to assist you in your workings. Always practice safety first and have your candles lit in well-ventilated spaces that are free of clutter and distractions. Learn more about candle magic with the Ceremonial Witch Tip candle color correspondence guide.

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