The Book of Runes

The Book of Runes

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Runes, for Those Seeking Wisdom and Guidance

A new age classic and bestseller for more than thirty-five years, The Book of Runes by cultural anthropologist Ralph H. Blum is the most renowned volume on the subject of learning how to consult this ancient Germanic alphabet for self-counseling.

Based on a tradition more than two millennia old, Ralph H. Blum presents contemporary interpretations of Rune casting for Spiritual Warriors, people seeking wisdom and guidance to affect positive change in their present lives to build a better future.


Leslie's preferred oracle method. Lithomancy is a form of divination using stones or the reflected light from stones.

The Book of Runes Includes

~A set of 25 ceramic Rune Stones

~Drawstring pouch 

~An in depth book of interpretations