Chime Heart "Angel Caller"

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Clearing, Soothing, Intuition

These loving hearts are also called, "Angel Callers". They have a tiny bell or chime in them and when you move it around it chimes - giving a beautiful and soothing bell ring.

What is an ANGEL CALLER?

Some are hollow balls of precious metal, while others are fashioned into decorative 'cages'. These hold a soundball with a chime in the middle that can make various sounds when the object is shaken. These chimes 'call' or 'whisper' as a way of communicating spiritually with your guardian angel. 

Angel Callers, also known as Harmony Balls, are handcrafted talismans or jewelry with a chime inside. They have been used for centuries across different cultures and religions as a symbol of protection, harmony, and spiritual connection.

Bells and chimes are often considered a core altar or ritual tool.

When using a bell, you can clear negative energies from a space, cast a circle, or promote calming energy. The bell is also considered to symbolize Goddess energies and the elements Water and Air. However, bells are used in many different traditions and cultures for various purposes.