Crystal Point Pendant Necklace

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Healing Crystal Necklace

Wearing stones is one of the best ways to connect with your companions on a deeper, more consistent level. We love functional fashion here at Ceremonial.  Crystal necklaces are a great way to express yourself magically, creatively and emotionally. 

Here is a list of our current stock, their functions and how they want to build a relationship with you. 

Obsidian: Clears the mind of confusion and ushers in clairity. Assists in deep healing and acts as a light to guide and illuminate when we are stuck in emotional ruts.

Opalite: Man made opalized glass. Opal means “to see,” so this stone is helpful when used for emotional expression and clear communication. Helps us to see into the matter and express ourselves with confidence.

A pink cord is included, each pendant measures at 1 - 1.5 inches.