Crystal Beaded Tassel Necklaces

Crystal Beaded Tassel Necklaces

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Adorning oneself with celestial jewelry is an ancient part of protection. Thinking of these items as talismans and allies in the magical workings of everyday life, is the way of many mystics.

Crystal jewelry to help align us with our intentions and energy. Tassels to add fun, surprise, and clearing to any occurrence. You can wear your necklace, pray with your necklace, add as an adornment to an altar and beyond. You are magic. However you chose to infuse your jeweled pieces is up to you!

Featuring 108 beads and a colorful tassel
Each necklace is unique; color, size, and patterns will vary
Approx. necklace length: 18-20 inches

Amazonite ~ Amazonite helps with speaking your mind and standing up for what is yours. Helps with filtering information and alleviating worries and anxieties. Amazonite assists in opening the heart and soothes the soul.

Amethyst ~ Amethyst slowly cracks open your spiritual capabilities. Use amethyst to enhance psychic ability, break bad habits, and assist in dream work. Helps to heal and bring spiritual growth and aids in opening up your intuition. Amethyst can help to ground and protect your energy in all matters of the clairs - clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairalient (sight, sound, feel, know and smell).

Fluorite ~ Fluorite sucks out what clouds your insight. The greens of fluorite work with your heart to align you with your desires. Greens also bring mental focus. The purples set you on the path to your divinity. They both work to clear out the cobwebs cluttering up your pure thought and cleanse your aura.
Green Aventurine ~ Aventurine assists in clearing negative energies and harnesses positivity. Providing healing and allowing for luck to flow in. 

Lepidolite ~ A stone to bring you balance and tranquility. Imparted with bits of lithium, lepidolite helps to calm anxiety and aid in alleviating depression. Like a scale, lepidolite helps to level us out, manage stress and rest well.

Mookaite ~ Mookaite is healing, grounding, and powerful. It aligns our physical body with the astral body, bringing us to center. Mookaite aids in connecting us to Mother Earth. 

Rose Quartz ~ All love starts with self love. Use rose quartz to enhance self-love, attract the right love, heal from love lost or grow current love. Rose quartz opens up the heart and prepares for healing at a cellular level.