Nature’s Hidden Oracles

Nature’s Hidden Oracles

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From flowers to feathers & shells to stones - a practical guide to natural divination

Nature's Hidden Oracles is a practical manual for natural divination in the outdoor environment all year round.

By collecting and interacting with the objects you find outside, you can generate new ways of seeing and become more mindful of our environment and what it has to say about our past, present and future. Nature's Hidden Oracles shows you how to connect with your surroundings and the ways of our ancestors through practices such as Flower Divination, Herb-scrying and listening to the oracles of the stones and trees that surround us.

Chapters Include:

1 Flower divination: petal prediction
2 Herb-scrying: interpreting shapes
3 Oracles of the trees: root, branch, leaf
4 Stone oracles: stone-casting and witch stones
5 Natural charms: from the beach and forest
6 Feather oracle: sky messengers