Nervous System Reset with Britt, Wednesday October 30th at 6pm

Nervous System Reset with Britt, Wednesday October 30th at 6pm

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Join Britt each month for a nervous system reset. Finding intentional ways to understand and regulate the nervous system is imperative for our overall health. 

We live in an overstimulated world. That overstimulation directly impacts our nervous system, our information highway, which then impacts every system in our body!

1 hour and 15 minutes of soothing breath, grounding, and somatic practice to build nervous system resilience to move through the world with more ease.

About Your Facilitator

Britt Dorazio is a trauma-informed meditation, somatic, and social emotional arts facilitator. She believes that working with languages of the body, the breath, and the arts, in community, has the compassionate power to bring us back home to ourselves, each other, and the land. Learn more about Britt at Sovereign Creative Wellness.

About the space

You will meet in the Moon Studio - 6736 Reynolds Street, on the second floor, right across the street from Ceremonial. Please use the outside staircase.

Please wear comfortable clothing because will be sitting on the floor; chairs and pillows are available.

**Masks are required for our small space**

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds for classes and events. You can transfer your spot to a friend or donate it to the community if you are unable to attend. If you need to cancel your spot, please email