Open Your Heart Spell Kit - Ceremonial Exclusive

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Connect to the Softness Within You

Made with love & magic, by Leslie, in Pittsburgh. 

This kit is intended to empower YOU through self-worth, self-compassion, and self-love through a lens of personal devotion. Honoring yourself is the most compassionate act of self-preservation.  

This is for ~

~The slow and tender spaces

~The moments of gentleness

~The energy of clouds, and swans and doves and laughter

~The intimate dedication of serenity and sweetness

In this kit is ~

~One bottle of Open Your Heart gem essence

~A golden Goddess Charm

~A rose gold chime candle

~A rose stone companion

~One rose incense stick

~A guided ritual/spell 

~A reusable and holographic zipper pouch (can fit tarot decks, and more!)

Ingredients: Spring water, brandy alcohol, rosewater, essence of rose quartz, flower agate, amethyst, and singing bowls from the Winter Solstice.

Directions: Take a few drops 3x a day under the tongue or in a liquid, add to your bath, and/or anoint objects. 

Open Your Heart Ritual

Clear and cleanse the space with the rose incense.  Take a couple drops of the gem essence under your tongue or drop on the candle.  Set an intention for love and softness.   Focus your mind on the intention.  Hold the candle near your heart and recite your intention.  Now light your candle.  Focus on the flame. Envision what perfect love and perfect trust look like to you.  Surround yourself in beautiful, illuminated, golden light.  See this light pouring into you.  You are a vessel for love and compassion.  Carry your rose quartz, wear the charm around your neck or keep them both in a talisman bag and take the drops as needed.  The gem essence may also be used on the skin, on your pillowcase, or in your bath.  Say “thank you” and act ‘as if.’  Remember intention + action = manifestation.  Use during a Waxing or Full Moon on Friday in the hours of Venus.