Mini Candle by Snakes for Hair

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Made with 100% soy wax in black and lightly-scented with black currant, absinthe and patchouli. Has a 25 hour burn time.

Three of Swords: The card of the Minor Arcana of the tarot is typically associated with heartbreak and disappointment - but not to be overlooked is the healing that follows. Light for emotional release, moving on, and hope. This 4 oz flame is great for matters in need of a speedy fix or to boost other candles. 

Abracadabra: “Abracadabra” -said to come from the Hebrew phrase, “abreq ad habra,” meaning “hurl your thunderbolt even unto death.” Or in Aramaic, “avra kehdabra,” translates to, “I will create as I speak.” Regardless, both meanings will empower your wish-speak with intention and stop at nothing to attract for your higher self. Meditate on love, success, wealth, or whatever it is that you wish and known to have coming to you. This 4 oz flame is a fast luck spell so best for matters in need of a speedy fix.


Crown of Success: Success is a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment, whether your goal is for material gain or spiritual. Based on the hoodoo oil, Crown of Success is a quick fix to help you accomplish goals and eliminate barriers. This 4 oz flame is great for matters in need of a speedy fix or to bolster other candles.


About the Maker

Snakes for Hair altar candles are designed in the traditions of folk magic, astrology and Tarot. A single, hand-cut collage takes many months to complete before going into limited production in a small Brooklyn studio. When you select a candle, you are choosing a work of art and instrument of magic. And it's here to help you realize your mission as a self-creator.
Magic is reciprocal, so light with intention, tap into your highest vibration, and meditate on your wish. And remember-Snakes for Hair loves you


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