Hand Embroidered Talisman Patches

Hand Embroidered Talisman Patches

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Wear your magic! Adorning oneself with celestial jewelry is an ancient part of protection.  Cloaking the body in scent is a spell.  Carrying items that shield and protect our divine tools is a sacred act. Thinking of these items as talismans and allies in the magical workings of everyday life, is the way of many mystics. 


These little works of art are here to help, whether you'd like to magnify intentions, draw in desires, or explore new territories.

Talismans have been used throughout history to bring good fortune, protection, or other blessings to the wearer.

The energy of embroidery helps to integrate these wishes, as the needle travels from above to below and back, weaving between worlds.

Each talisman includes a needle and thread to sew into a garment as a powerful form of metaphysical enhancement. 

COSMIC VIEWS ~ Seeing beyond the earthly out to the cosmos, the moon and star join our human eye to provide guidance through our days and nights.

VESSEL ~ A tool for containing and preserving that which sustains life; water, grain, herbal medicines; the vessel serves as a reflection of the womb outside the human body. Allow this symbol to become a reminder to nurture what supports life, slow down, and collect what is given. 

ACE OF COINS ~ A hand gently cradles a golden glowing coin, a symbol not just of money but of all earthly riches. In the tarot, this card illustrates a fertile environment for success in the material realm, supporting your pursuit of earthly pleasures. 

 OVERFLOW ~ The glorious, life-giving element of water shares its abundance, ease, and flow in a vessel surrounded by fresh blooms. 

TREE OF LIFE ~ A conduit between the realms of cosmos, the earth, and the underworld. Nearly all cultures have their own tree of life story, from representing wisdom or immortality, to good and evil. With the ever-changing serpent winding around this trunk, how will this tree of life support your own personal story of growth?

FORTUNE ~ The hand of Fatima, Hamsa, Khamsa and also known by many other names, a symbol of protection, warding off the evil eye, and bringing hope and good fortune.