Alchemy Portal Soy Much Brighter Candle

The Portal Candle Collection - 2oz Scented Soy Candles

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The Portal Collection by Katie of Soy Much Brighter, illustrated by Alyssa Schadhauser.

The Portals

Alchemy - Lavender + Sage + Smoke - warm, deep, flow 

A smokey blend of lavender, sage, and smoke. With an essence of nag champa. She's a go-to burn for alchemizing creativity and motivation. Light it up in the evenings and get out a drawing pad to get those gears turning. 

Hearth - Patchouli + Vanilla + Cedar - cozy, bonfire, safety

Like burning a cozy campfire inside without the buggies. Burn this scent when calling in your ancestors or cozying up with friends near your fireplace altar. She feels like home. 

Nocturnal - Cannabis + Musk + Amber - spacey, heady, soothing

A portal to expansion. Burn for collaboration or nudging an expansive view you hadn't thought of before. The warm musk and deep amber notes swirl and mix with cannabis to give you a heady burn with so much possibility. 

Tempest - Violet + Ozone + Petrichor - stormy, green, earthly

A portal to cleansing any stormy weather surrounding your orbit. The ozone and petrichor notes fused with sweet violet lend an earthy aroma to this blend that's meant to cleanse the negative vibes from your space. It's the calming, nourished feeling Earth feels after a good rainfall. 

The Void - Oud + Ozone + Fern - watery, floating, escape

A portal to release. Burn this blend when you need let go of something. When you need to break free of tethers holding you back, this watery blend of ozone, petrichor, and oud will guide the way.

Wilderness - Cedar + Palo Santo + Sage - forest, earth, connection

For getting back to your roots and connecting with your true self. This completely earthy blend of cedar, palo santo, and sage is made for cutting out all the noise and remembering who you are. Felling lost? Light up Wilderness and journal about 10 things that make you YOU. 

2oz recyclable glass jar with cork lid

100% soy wax, vegan, & cruelty-free Lead-free cotton wick.