Today Oracle Deck

Today Oracle Deck

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Today Oracle Deck is made by local Pittsburgh creatives Etta & Arlene who are very excited to share these 36 cards with messages to help you move through your day.

36 Gloss printed cards
Yes/No/Maybe feature
Works well with any tarot/oracle spread
Works solo or in combination with other oracle or tarot decks

How it works:

It's simple, this deck has no defined card order. There are no extended meanings. What the card says is the message for you. However, we prompt you to tap into your intuition. What more comes to you when you read the oracle message? How does it make you feel? What does it prompt within?

Step One:

Cleanse and protect your space. Call in guidance for your highest good only.

Step Two:

Think of a question.

Step Three:

Pull a card. Receive your message. Thank your guides and close the reading.

Etta & Arlene are sisters who pride themselves on their creativity and intuitive connection. They aim to use their talents to help others. As they often say:

“In a world designed to put you down, we are here to lift you up.”

The girls don’t believe in titles. If one used titles, they would be called artists, writers, candlemakers, witches, healers, psychics, Reiki masters, and so on. Instead, they are just themselves. Here to enjoy life, create art, and do magic.