Triple Moon Brass Bell

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Clearing, Soothing, Intuition

Bells are often considered a core altar or ritual tool.

When using a bell, you can clear negative energies from a space, cast a circle, or promote calming energy. The bell is also considered to symbolize Goddess energies and the elements Water and Air. However, bells are used in many different traditions and cultures for various purposes. 

The Triple Goddess as denoted by the phases of the moon represent the waxing, full and waning moon phases.  This also corresponds to the archetype of Maiden, Mother, Crone.  

Versions of Maiden in myth: Greek goddesses Persephone and Artemis, the Celtic Rhiannon, and/or the Nordic Freya, among others.

Versions of Mother in myth: Greek Demeter and Selene, the Roman Ceres, and the Celtic Danu and Badb.

Versions of Crone in myth: Greek Hecate, the Russian Baba Yaga, and the Celtic Morrigan and Cailleach Bear.

Made of brass 4" tall