Crystal Beaded Bracelet

Crystal Beaded Bracelet

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Wear Your Magic

Wearing stones is one of the best ways to connect with your companions on a deeper, more consistent level. We love functional fashion here at Ceremonial.  Crystal bracelets are a great way to express yourself magically, creatively and emotionally.

Here is a list of our current stock, their functions and how they want to build a relationship with you. 

Strawberry Quartz: This beauty awakens your heart and pulls in your aura allowing you to feel safe and secure. A calming effect, when wearing the stone, it helps to balance emotions thus finding a healthy alignment within. 

Green Aventurine: A gorgeous stone for luck as well as strength + confidence. Renewing hope and optimism, it pushes us to take action in a most grounded way. 

Fire Quartz: Also known as hematite quartz and therefore helps to bring balance and stability in your energy field and body. It clears anxiety and mental cloudieness bringing in a calm that helps the wearer connect to universal love. 

Amethyst: A friend that slowly cracks open your spiritual capabilities. Use amethyst to enhance psychic ability, break bad habits, and assist in dream work. Helps to heal and bring spiritual growth and aids in opening up your intuition.  Amethyst will help to ground and protect your energy in all matters of the clairs - clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairalient.

Morganite: A helper that is a heart stone in its right. This stone helps to cleanse, charge and align the heart helping one to believe in the power of love again.  A great companion for someone going thru difficult heartbreak. 

Citrine: Awakens you to your light + joy.  A stone of creativity it helps us to unlock the gate within to our greatest desire and purpose. Thus helping us to move towards a change and shift that will alter our lives for the better. 

Fluorite: A stone that sucks out what clouds your insight. The greens of fluorite work with your heart to align you with your desires. Greens also bring mental focus. The purples set you on the path to your divinity. They both work to clear out the cobwebs cluttering up your pure thought and cleanse your aura.

Pink Opal: Unlocks our heart and helps us to step into our power while infusing the auric field with tranquil loving calm. It pushes us to look within and make peace with the shadow and fearful aspects of self. It is deep, unconditional love. 

Sky Blue QuartzThis stone works to alleviate fear, anxiety and mental fog while enhancing the psyche + mind with clarity, creativity, expression and unclouded communication. A great companion in stressful social situations. 

Rhodonite: An assist during emotional shock and grief. This stone helps stimulate the heart, clear and balance energies and soften anxiety.  With continued use and connection this stone can help us move on from deep emotional wounds.

Beads are on an elastic band, sizes and colors vary.

Crystal care is important for the longevity and life of your crystals. To learn more about crystal care, please read further on our crystal care page.

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