Baby Double Terminated Points

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Baby Double Terminated Points

Double terminated points are a great way to run energy. Place on the center of your body (chakras) and run energy up and down your body's highway.

Item color and size will vary from photo - crystal chosen intuitively for you.  

Carnelian holds space for fervor, setting you afire. Carnelian turns up the heat wherever you place it. Works to boost confidence and improve circulation.

Use rose quartz to enhance self-love, attract the right love, heal from love lost or grow current love. Rose quartz opens up the heart and prepares for healing at a cellular level.

Use quartz for all needs - brings a high vibration, powerful healing, emits the clearest light. Crystal quartz amplifies the energy of other crystals. Quartz shares the calmest energies with us and helps to manifest our desires.

Amethyst slowly cracks open your spiritual capabilities. Use amethyst to enhance psychic ability, break bad habits, and assist in dream work. Helps to heal and bring spiritual growth and aids in opening up your intuition.

Rhodonite rushes to your aid when dealing with an emotino shock, deep grief, or heartbreak. Helps to heal your wounds from the past and calms you in the present. Rhodonite connects us to humans and helps us to speak our passions truly.

Crystal care is important for the longevity and life of your crystals. To learn more about crystal care, please read further on our crystal care page.