Serpentine Double Terminated

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The Giver of Wisdom

Meet Serpentine, the great snake assisting you in awakening.  This stone works to remove any blockages in your energy centers. Thus, leading you to higher states of soul connection in your meditation practice.  It helps to heal the heart and lungs - spaces where we hold the most grief.

Sizes, coloring, and patterns vary between each piece; making each one unique and special. These double terminated Serpentine pieces range from 3.5 inches - 5 inches. 

Chosen intuitively for you. 

How To Use Serpentine

Hold in your hand and meditate. Carry in your pocket or tote. The options are yours and endless. 

Crystal care is important for the longevity and life of your crystals. To learn more about crystal care, please read further on our crystal care page.