Hawthorn Leaf

Hawthorn Leaf

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Happiness, Love, Luck

Element: Water
Use: Promotes happiness, love, marriage, earth magic, fertility, luck
Crystal Ally: Hag Stone
Native to: Eastern North America
Other Associations: Sacred to the Fae

How To Use: Dried herbs may be used in all magical workings including, but not limited to; candle magic, ritual baths, incense, and talisman pouches. To learn about smoke cleansings, please click here.

For an all-in-one guide to our ritual herbs, please read our Witch tip : Herbs for Rituals-A Correspondence Guide.

Disclaimer: All of the herbs listed on and at Ceremonial are for ritual purpose only. We are not physicians or herbalists and make no claim that any of these herbs will heal or cure any alignments. Please consult your physician and/or local herbalist before ingesting or using any herbs other than for ritual use. If you are local to Pittsburgh, we would be more than happy to suggest some wonderful local herbalists to you- please send us a email at ceremonialpgh@gmail.com

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